Emerald Isle, NC. The Gem of the Crystal Coast
1201 Ocean Dr. Emerald Isle, NC 28594

Your Dream Awaits.

Beach Sunset
Photo by Dick Dietrich

      Emerald Isle is a special town, surrounded by water, caressed by balmy breezes, and cherished by its residents. You won't find busy boardwalks packed with people, hotels, or tons of store fronts on this island. You will however, find quaint cottages and condos with an undisturbed beachfront. Emerald Isle and surrounding areas also have great restaurants and local markets, where you can find wonderful fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables. There are numerous family activities from fishing, dining, water slides, golf, and shopping. Emerald Isle is home to many rare waterfowl, deer, and numerous tiny critters. The island is also a sanctuary for some very special sea creatures like the green sea turtle and the loggerhead turtle. You can also see the playful porpoise from the shore or playing around your boat. Emerald Isle has it's own unique character and brand of charm that will make you feel at home right away. Stop be and see for yourself!

Nature and Fun Do Mix! Nature and Fun Do Mix!
  • Emerald Isle was ranked #7 of top small towns in North Carolina.
  • Emerald Isle was the favorite coastal retreat for its miles of beachfront, little congestion, and plentiful accommodations.
  • Emerald Isle has been one of the top 5 vacations markets in the south with average yearly appreciation of 15%.

      There you have it. So what is the best word to describe what makes Emerald Isle unique? Compared to Myrtle Beach as a place to vacation and Florida as a place to retire the #1 difference is simple. Carefree!

Photo by Henry Applewhite

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