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      Here are the answers to your FAQ's or frequently asked questions. It's a list compiled from 100's emails received in the last year. Please read them over to see if some of your questions can be answered here.

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      Can you send me a rental brochure? - We aren't a rental agency and so we don't have any brochures available. There are many rental agencies in the area and they will be more than happy to mail you their latest copy.

      Why are you selling the house? - This is an honest question. The answer is that we don't have time to drive all the way from Ohio as much as we used to.

      How long have you owned At Anchor? - An enjoyable 9 years!

      How did you come up with this website? - I decided to take matters into my own hands and sell our house on the net. I have put countless hours into graphic design, html layout, and search engine placement. To date I have yet to spend any money on this site. Everything has been free. I even use Notepad to edit my pages!

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